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to.the.pointgraphic design studio is a family-owned business that was started by Linda Comando in 2000. We have since added to our staff of artist, designers and writers.

We will assist you in accomplishing your graphic needs whether it is advertising, magazine layout, newspaper layout, brochures, stationery sets, business cards, corporate logos, branding, CD covers and book jackets, CD U Cards and inserts, posters, playbills, websites, banners or just a simple personalized greeting card. We also have the capability to do videos and recordings for business and personal use.

Our staff now includes:

Francis Comando - artis/illustrator, web designer & writer/author

Joseph Comando - artist/videographer & web designer

Maureen Tyrell - fine artist & web designer

Frank Comando - Communications major

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to.the.pointgraphic design studio

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Why would you need a website? Manybusinesses, organizations, educational systems and fraternal associations are still operating without worldwide advertising. If you have not yetadvertised on the Internet, perhaps it is time to give the idea some seriousthought.

Websites don't only attract clients, butthey keep clients!

Just about everyone has access to acomputer these days and access to the Internet. More and more people are shopping online,researching online, and/or just communicating their thoughts online. A website iseconomical and can easily be updated.

Compared to expensive brochures that havebeen used in the past the economics of a website become very attractive. Brochures andflyers can go out of date quickly, and become obsolete, while a website can beupdated frequently.

The content of your website is the mostcrucial element. Simply listing information is not likely to draw many clients. Attractiveand expressive graphics along with interesting, informative content, that is frequentlyupdated, will keep traffic coming to your web site.

Whouses a website? If your business is realestate, you could have a helpful hint page for new home buyers. You may considercontacting other agents in your locale, and explain your website hints. Many firms hearthe same questions over and over from their clients. Perhaps you may want to post answersto the most frequently asked questions. You may be able to avoid wasting costly time, andyet still meet the needs of your clients. Changing the website information frequently andincluding a list of past articles is another unique idea. Visitors to your site can thene-mail specific requests, and your firm will also be building a mailing list. This may beapplied to any business.

Depending on the type of businessyou are soliciting, it is not always necessary to submit intense  topics. A helpfulhousehold hint, a concept or sometimes just a bit of a sense of humor will do the trick!

Short articles on topicsinteresting  toyour clientele will be read, especially if they are changed frequently and updated.

Traffic to your website can also beincreased if you solicit questions in areas of your expertise. Everyone likesgetting somethingfor free. The trick is, someone must respond to these questions in a timely fashion.

Keeping a website updated and interestingtakes a great deal of time. Hiring a web consultant on an hourly basis may benefit eventhe smallest of businesses. Websites don't only attract clients, butthey keep clients! 

Websites may also prove valuable whenrecruiting employees for your business or organization. Many large firms have alreadyrecognized this value of web sites. Graduate students look to the Internet for job leads.Websites can be helpful in providing information about the locale, the clientele, and theminimum requirements for hiring. Positions for secretaries, clerks, administrativeassistants and other employees can be advertised on your site.

Here is another idea. Have you ever written a paper that you feltwas worthy of being published? Publishing an article is sometimes a dream that not manypeople have the time for. Now with website publishing, even the most scholarly documentis easily published! Our web consultants can assist in editing your articles and placingthem on the web.

You may want to consider including links tothe addresses of other research and information that is relative to your business. Thereis an amazing amount of research and information that can be gleaned from the web. Theproblem is finding it a second time.  Sometimes information is lost foreverif you leave a site. By providing linking pages you areproviding a service that is very helpful for your clients as well as building a network onthe Internet.

Including directions and a map to youroffice or business on your website can be very helpful to clients, job applicants, oranyone who will be visiting your business. To keep the costs down, you may just want togive written directions that will be posted on your site. This is especially beneficialafter 5:00 p.m. when your office is closed, and someone needs directions and noone is in your office to give this advice.

Remember websites can be consideredadvertisements and must meet the rules for ethical advertising. When making a website,it is necessary to comply with all the applicable rules relative to the type of business involved.For example an attorney's web site may be subject to regulations by other states andjurisdictions. Remember the World Wide Web is worldwide!  Back to Map

No matter how wonderful something is thekey question is always the price. There is no set price for a website because they are soindividualized. Every website has to have a domain name, or a URL web site address and thereis usually a registration fee for that of approximately $30-$50. There is a monthly fee tothe Internet server which maintains your connection to the web. This will also vary fromserver to server, but usually runs on the average of $20 a month.

After that,  thecost of the site is reallybased upon you needs. The cost variables depend on the amount of graphics and the number of pagesin your site. If you are going to keep the site updated frequently, there may beadditional charges. A largesite with many photos and pages could cost up to $16,000 and onward, with a yearly maintenance fee, while a simple business card websiteor a "web greeting"  could be put togetherfor under $100. Because web design fees vary greatly, we suggest a consultation to plan yourwebsite effectively and economically. You will receive a contract that willoutline exactly what you will receive and the exact costs of the servicesprovided by to.the.point.

Paymentarrangements may vary.  A deposit is required at the signing of acontract.  Usually the amount of the deposit is 50% of the total cost ofthe site and the balance due upon completion of a site.  Payment schedulesmay be arranged for larger sites.   

Beware of free web sites. Generally theyare difficult to locate, have dull graphics and contain expensive catches. Unless you arevery proficient at the computer, buying software to create your own web site is likely tobe extremely time consuming and frustrating, and may be very costly. An informative,well-designed and frequently updated site may be a bit more costly at first, but it ismuch more likely to result in more business.

Internetcommerce is booming and thepotential is untapped by many. Starting a web site now will make a difference. Let   to.the.point show you how you can become a part of the web of the future!

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